Yes, I am not

Yes, I am not Exhibition
July 5-31, 2008,
at Bangkok University Gallery, City Campus

Due to Santi Lawrachawee’s experiences and roles in the graphic design realm, not only as a designer of the Practical Design Studio, or as a part-time lecturer in the School of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University and Chulalongkorn University, but also as a major player who has been continuously engaged in the movements for Thailand’s field of arts and design, it is time that he makes use of these art and design experiences to convey his personal viewpoints in the first of his solo exhibition “Yes, I am not.”

This exhibition aims to present the puzzling circle of globalized people’s consumption of information in their daily lives, starting from the consumption process, embellishment, synthesis, acceptance/opposition, and truth seeking. It seems like asking the question, “What do we ultimately acquire from living in the ocean of information that crazily strikes at us?” This is conveyed by cutting newspapers to form more than 1,000 lumps of paper bolds in a letter shape, which are exhibited as a paper installation.


© 2008. Santi Lawrachawee