Title: dreamisarealisadreamisarealisadream*
Year: 2013
Technique: Oak Wood, Paper & Acrylic
Size: Table & Chair Set 102 x 88 x 74 cm, Acrylic 40 x 40 cm

*This title of work was inspired by the sentence “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” was written by Gertrude Stein as part of the 1913 poem Sacred Emily, which appeared in the 1922 book Geography and Plays.

Curated by Ark Fongsmut
9 November – 19 December 2013
At Bangkok University Gallery, City Campus

Selection D&R008


Selection D&R006

Selection D&R012


Selection D&R009



Selection D&R003
Photo Credit: © Santi Lawrachawee



Now it has become clear for many people that what we call ‘reality’ is facing a problematic issue in itself. This is a consequence from the age of globalization, when we are overwhelmed with a flood of information that reaching conclusion by one’s own judgment requires tremendous effort. When the world of reality is distorted, it is unsurprising that the world of dream cannot remain unaffected.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish between the world of reality and the world of dream. Based on this premise, six artists, including Arin Rungjang, Kornkrit Jianpinidnan, Dusadee Huntrakul, Santi Lawrachawee, Jaitip Jaidee and Thanarat Siripidej, were invited to share their personal stories. Collection of various stories being simultaneously presented leads to confrontation in terms of difference and indifference. However, each artist’s dream has its own unique qualities. Being embodied with rationality, cognition, or even pure superstition, all these dreams are compiled and arranged in the Sweet Nightmare exhibition, which reflects the state of paradox in people and society.

The six artists’ creative process in conceptual art stands on the line between reasoning and emotional expression to convey stories from various cognitions, experiences or assumptions through different art media. The exhibition will be on show from 9 November – 19 December 2013, with the opening reception on 9 November 2013, 6 pm, at Bangkok University Gallery, City Campus.



Photo Credit: © Dusadee Huntrakul