“Thai Dialect” by Santi Lawrachawee
Designed for IDEACUBES Project 2012
Production: supernormal studio
Venue: 7th floor, Central Plaza Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand
©2012. All Right Reserved. Santi Lawrachawee.

About Idea Cubes Project:
The cubes are the brainchild of the founders of the website www.mysocialmotion.org who hope that this UNESCO-sponsored project will become the world’s first citywide ideas exhibition. The one hundred cubes, measured 1 x 1 meter, will sport positive messages placed at various points around the city. They also hope that the messages carried by the cubes will act as inspiration for the city’s inhabitants to make a difference in their community. Anyone is welcome to suggest their ideas on the website and the best 100 will be selected for the city-wide exhibition, which is due to run in October and November this year, helping us all to be fitter, happier, more productive people.

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